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Yo, I promise I am not cyber stalking ya... I just like your site since you are into advertising design. I went to Pratt in NYC and make a living doing design work as well. Anyway, did you happen to read the letter sent in to the Oct/Nov issue of Communication Arts called, "The Bono Effect"? It's damn funny, check it out if you get a chance.


Stalk away.

Anyhoo, no I haven't read it. I subscribed to Comm Arts last Spring and received exactly one issue. So as far as I'm concerned, screw 'em.

That said, I'll check it out.


Well maybe I can bribe the secretary at work to transcribe it because I really suck at typing! If she will I'll send it your way. I don't know if you're missing much by not getting Comm Arts, there's a lot of fluff in there for sure.


Oh, don't make her do that. I would slap you with the magazine if you suggested such a thing and that coated stock would hurt like a bitch. Actually we have plenty of copies of Communication Arts lying around the office, so I'll definitely check it out.

Thanks for the tip...


LOL, ok you got it. I'll rummage around for something else for her to type up... maybe a single page flyer so it won't hurt so much if she slaps me with it.

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